A downloadable game for Windows

This is very early build of a game I am working on called Dice and Demons, you play as roger the ghost, you have been chosen to escape purgatory but the other ghosts aren't going to let you out easy.

The realm is filled with darkness your enemies can't be seen in said darkness, make sure to keep your candle lit and escape to the lower levels of purgatory, maybe you might even find your way out!

All game graphics are 8 pixels by 8 pixels


W A S D = Movement
Clicking will fire your weapon allowing to fight off your enemies.

Keep in mind, this game is in very early development and a lot of it looks tacky and is very broken.

Install instructions

To install:

Download the exe and simply run it.



Dice_and_Demons_Alpha_1.0.0_x86.exe 2 MB